WHAT Does a Professional Teeth Cleaning do?

Your dentists does a professional teeth cleaning in order to remove harmful bacteria growth that can causes gum disease. Prophylaxis is traditionally called "teeth cleaning" removes plaque build-up that cannot be removed by simple brushing. Prophylaxis includes tooth polishing.

Most individuals are advised to have a professional teeth cleaning done at least twice a year.

Types of Teeth Cleaning techniques

Dental filling even out tooth surfaces for better biting or chewing and fixes holes or chips in teeth.

1) Conventional Teeth Cleaning
During teeth cleaning, dentists conventionally use a scalers or curettes to remove small bacterial deposits and to smooth tooth surfaces. A polishing paste and instruments are also used to remove stains and plaque and make teeth feel smoother.

2) Airflow Teeth Cleaning
Airflow is a type of micro-ultrasonic scaler or cleaning device that combines vibration and a pressurized stream of water to disrupt and remove live and calcified bacteria. Airflow teeth cleaning is used to scale and polish teeth.